dinners last week:

monday: a roast chicken with grapes and calamata olives and shallots,
polano peppers stuffed with risotto and corn.
tuesday: blintzes for breakfast (crepes stuffed with yam and goat cheese and nutmeg)
cardamom, turmeric and raisin rice with eggs poached on top and lime yogurt for dinner
wednesday: eggplants stuffed with cinnamon ground lamb and pine nuts slow cooked in the oven with couscous
thursday: sweet and spicy fried tilapia with harissa, rosewater and currents

for a snack, these savoury cookies, which are very very nice with black coffee or beer.

let hot life retire

"Now that the last leaves are down, except for the thick dark leaves of the oak and ghostly beech leaves that click in the breeze, we're reduced to a subtler show of colour - brown, grey and buff, perhaps a little purple in the distance [...] To my eye these hues are much more beautiful than the garish early autumn with its orange leaves - orange, the colour of madness - and leaves the colour of blood.  Let hot life retire, grow still: November's colours of those of the soul."

 -Jane Kenyon

glory hallelujah I shall not be moved
by Lucille Clifton

they are right, the poet mother
carries her wolf in her heart,
wailing at pain yet suckling it like
romulus and remus.  this now.
how will I forgive myself
for trying to bear the weight of this
and trying to bear the weight also
of writing the poem
about this?

"They looked as if they would ring as if tapped with a stick.  The puddles rang.  The water rang."

Montreal, 2015
with these guys
Pentax k1000/ kodak 400

#1 by Christie
#2, 6 and 15 by Hil